Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where in the World is Rene?

It's been awhile since I've mentioned my Favorite Sister. Well, she has recently graduated from college and has started her very first real job. I recently asked her some questions for my blog and she happily agreed to answer them.

So, Rene, what countries have you visited or lived in?

Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, US, Canada, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Denmark, England, Wales.

Wow! You've been to some pretty interesting places. What was one of your favorites and why?

I really loved Bolivia. The country has it all—tropical jungles, the highest lake in the world AND the highest world capital, snow-capped mountains, beautiful music, vibrant colors, and great friends.

So, what are you doing these days?

I'm working at a historical museum, developing new exhibit space and giving tours here and there. And staring at the Mississippi River trying to spot bald eagles.

What is it like having a sister who was basically leaving home when you were born?

I always wished I could spend more time with her, and when I do get to, it's never enough.

Tell me about the Munchkins.

I love them to pieces. I’m proud to be an aunt. They give me an excuse to laugh and smile and play.

Chocolate or vanilla?

Vanilla, but only if it's Breyers Vanilla Bean. Otherwise, I'll pass on the ice cream and take a piece of my mom's cheesecake.

I'm with you on the cheesecake! White or wheat?


Places you want to visit before you die

India, Africa, Alaska (I've always been fascinated by my Grandma and Grandpa's stories of driving up to Alaska on unpaved roads. Grandpa said he'd drive 500 miles a day for nine days or something like that. Unbelievable.), anywhere and everywhere.

Do you have any adventures planned for the near future?

Not unless you count tromping around the wilderness of the kitchen, feeling my way through the dense forest of cutlery and cooking utensils as I slowly but surely get my bearings. (I did make a quite delicious egg-broccoli-cheese bake the other day.)

Favorite Starbucks drink?

Depends on my mood. Sometimes I just want a nice big cup of plain coffee (I love Casi Cielo) and sometimes I want a specialty coffee like a White Chocolate Mocha. Ooo, but an Iced Vanilla Latte—that's my real favorite. And thanks to my Big Sis for feeding (or enabling?) my Starbucks addiction.

Websites you visit every day:

All Astonishment, of course! and then some not-so-exciting ones--like my email account. Any other suggestions?

I don’t visit these every day, but I think they are too cool not to share:, where you can slop paint around on a virtual canvas (and pat yourself on the back for your creative genius), And an artistic tribute to Lincoln, which is fitting since it was recently Lincoln’s birthday (

Favorite book? Author?

I looove to read (I guess this runs in the family). One of my favorite authors is Steinbeck. My favorite book? I often have trouble remembering the plots of books after I read them (this must run in the family too), and right now I’m having trouble remembering any books at all! One that’s coming to mind is Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton. Another is One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Weird random fact about yourself:

When people ask me this, I usually tell them that my only sibling is 17 years older than me. But I guess that won't work here,’s another one: I seem to have some strange natural talent for Minesweeper. And I love logic puzzles.

Thanks Rene. We're so glad you're back in the States!

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So young, so accomplished, so amazing.