Monday, March 02, 2009

Round We Go

Master Munchkin and I spent Saturday at a cello workshop. To help pass the time, I brought my camera. I thought I'd come home with some pictures of cellos and children. Instead, I discovered this:

Nestled in one of the stairways of the church was a beautiful round window. I think I stopped on the stairs and gasped out loud. Of course, I'm thinking, "Photo Op!" The Master and I spent most of our spare time hanging out here. Here he is eating carrots.

I changed my angle by kneeling down so that the parking lot wasn't visible in the background and turned off my flash. Ooooo, artsy. This is SOOC (straight out of camera):

When I got home, I simply changed one of my favorite photos to black and white in Lightroom and bumped up the exposure a bit. This brightened the light background, making the trees and sky "disappear", leaving behind a clean silhouette. A quick crop and I got this:



Donna Boucher said...

Thanks for the tutorial :o)
Love this shot!

MrsMama said...

Thanks Donna :)

Alisa said...

You rock. I wish I had an eye like yours. That is a God given talent.

Jen said...

What a great shot! What a fun photo op.

kerri said...

Love it, great shot!!

Rebecca said...

Great pictures!! The last one is WOW!!!!! I am so impressed!

Thank you so much for joining up on our theme!


MrsMama said...

Thank you everyone.

Kerri and Rebecca, it was so nice to have you "visit". Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments! :)

Amy in Arizona said...

I love this! Thanks for showing the shots that led up to the perfect one! That really helps us beginners!!

Jennifer said...

That is a great picture!!

MrsMama said...

Amy, I am happy to share what I've learned. I love to read how people create their images!

Thanks for visiting Jennifer.

You all are very kind. :)

Sarah said...

What a great photo! I love high contrast black and whites! Very cool shot!