Sunday, March 08, 2009


I love creative "business" cards. When my children were small, I made a really sweet set of cards that I could hand out to other moms. It had my name and contact info on them and the title, "Homemaker". It was a creative way to exchange info with that mother I met at the park.

In the past few years, I've used this site to make some creative business cards. I especially like the Mini version. On the front I've posted one of my favorite photos and on the back I've included my email, blog address, etc. These always get a great reception!

Right now, is based in England but shipping is fairly quick to the States. In the next few months, they will be adding a branch here in the US (happy dance!).

You don't have to put a photo on the front, you can choose a ready-made design. Aren't these cute?!

Melissa Crowley Business Cards

Or you can have fun with just words and fonts and colors (giddy laugh).


idreamicanfly said...

Oh, hey, I have Moo Mini Cards! They're great quality photos on great card stock. And they look really cool - people always comment on them when I hand them out. And as a bonus, they fit right inside the jewelry boxes that I ship out. Regular business cards are just a little bit too big.

MrsMama said...

You have some of their stickers too, don't you? They look great!

idreamicanfly said...

Oh, yeah, I put the stickers on each jewelry box to brand them. Simple but gorgeous - at least the customers seem to like them!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Thanks for posting the button for Wild Olive Tees. You have been entered in the giveaway.

Also, love those cards!!!