Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kiss Your Washing Machine

Rene's latest blog post reminded me how grateful I am for my washing machine.  Last Summer it was out of commission for quite some time and it was such a hassle!  We really do take things like this for granted.  So, if you had the privilege of tossing a load or two into the washer today, stop and give your washer a kiss. 

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” — William Arthur Ward

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Superman Punch


Last week we learned how to do the Superman Punch in class.  Now  it never takes much to fake me out and I fall for this technique every time.  It looks cool though, and it’s fun to do.

I should come up with my own variation, some kind of Supergirl punch.  Wait, is there a Superwoman?  Or a SuperMom?  I could do that.


Saturday, June 26, 2010


Watermelon, originally uploaded by MrsMama.
Although, according to the calendar, it just officially turned "Summer", here in Kansas we are in the thick of it. Heat indices in the 100s, chiggers invading the grass, air hot and humid. Not my favorite time of the year, that's for sure.

On the upside, there is that lovely lack of school, swimming at the pool and, of course, ice cold watermelon on the porch.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pie Time!

It’s that time of year again. Time to make my Fourth of July Pie!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

He Broke My Nose, I Broke His Heart

When I was a child, a young boy gave me a ride on the back of a powerful black horse.  I remember reaching around his waist to grab the horse’s mane, laughing and trying not to slide off as we thundered bareback across the lawn.

I was the new kid in the neighborhood and Ben and I quickly became friends.  We spent long summer days riding horses though the orchard, eating warm, sweet apples off the trees and racing each other though the bean fields.  He was funny and sensitive and sweet, the very best of friends.

One day, when I was about 11, we were messing around with a ball and a bat and a lazy swing from Ben sent the ball my way.  I neatly caught it with my nose.  I think the amount of blood surprised us both.   My black eyes faded over time, but the little crook to my nose remained.  I think it was harder on Ben than it was on me.

The Summer of my sixth-grade year Ben handed me a note: Will you go with me?  Yes or no?  I checked the “no” box.  I didn’t want things to change between me and my friend. 

Eventually Ben moved out of the neighborhood but he was still there on the sidelines as I navigated though those awkward early teen experiences - my first dance, my first boyfriend, loosing a friend to a car accident, gradually growing up.

Ben went on to do some modeling and, today, he owns his own business and is still riding horses (lucky guy).

I guess I'm the one who's lucky.  Even though I have a less-than-perfect nose, I have wonderful memories of growing up with a good friend.

Monday, June 21, 2010

14 Hours, 54 Minutes, 45 Seconds

 Welcome to the longest day of the year!  Here in Kansas we have 14 hours, 54 minutes and 45 seconds of sun today.  Master Munchkin and I actually beat the sun this morning as we got up early to attend the morning community exercise program in the small town next door.  From 6 to 6:30 we ran around the track, sprinted up and down the stadium stairs, did plyos in the Coaches' box and generally got lapped by all the young, high-school athletes.  Shortly into the workout, my son looked at his watch and said, "This has been the hardest 9 1/2 minutes in my entire life!"

Saturday, June 19, 2010


 I'm feeling much better now.  Thanks for all your kind comments and get-well wishes!  I lost 5 lbs in 5 days - not a good thing I know, but I am loving my new weight.  I am hoping to return to martial arts classes next week.  I've been missing all the fun.

What else is new?  This week I learned a painful lesson about art and business.  Art is subjective?!  Yes.  Yes it is.  And now I know.

We have our first official showing of our house today.  Happy/sad time.  Now I need to get off the computer and finish cleaning!  Wish us luck. :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My gut flaired up over the weekend and I've been feeling pretty yucky this week.  The kids have been great about pitching in around the house and entertaining themselves.  This morning Master Munchkin brought me breakfast in bed: hot tea, coffee and some pudding on a tray.   I could only drink the tea, but his actions really warmed my heart.

My Crohn's has pretty much been in remission for the past 3 years, but every once in awhile, something like this comes up.  Hopefully it will be short term! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where in the World is Rene Now?

After a short stay in Hong Kong, my Favorite Sister has moved on to her next destination, where she will be staying for 10 months.  Can you guess where she is now?

Here are a few clues:
  • tropical climate
  • 7000+ islands with white sand
  • over 200 volcanoes
  • formally under Spanish rule, it is now in the hands of the USA
  • its capital city was named after a white-flowered mangrove plant, the nilad
  • during war, its flag is hoisted upside-down
  • Southeast Asia
  • Rene has been studying Tagalog in preparation for this trip
image by Lopez
So, any guesses?

Happy Weekend!

SonQuestDay5_MG_7230, originally uploaded by Grace VBS.

It's been a wonderful, incredible, exhausting week at VBS. It's over and I already miss it!

Hope you all have a relaxing, fun weekend! :)

photo by Jeff McPheeters

Thursday, June 10, 2010


This is Vacation Bible School week at our church.  There are 350 children attending this year.  It’s fun, crazy, busy, and wonderful!

This year’s theme is Sonquest RainForest.  Everywhere you look there are trees and vines and snakes.

Here’s Polly Parrot.  Isn’t she lovely?VBSpolly

Here we are in the gym.  I’m helping in one of the 4th grade classes – you can see some of my kids here – Hey, there’s Master Munchkin’s ear!VBS


One of the highlights of the day is the Bible Story.  Hey, is that April and Ellen?!  You know that’s gotta be entertaining! VBSapril

Miss Munchkin is helping out in the Oasis Room, where the teachers and staff can slip in and grab a quick bite to eat.  I love you Miss Munchkin!  Can you put some more of that yummy fruit salad out today?  And the homemade cinnamon rolls.  Don’t forget those.VBSfood

We have some funny, talented people at our church.  These ladies have us all cracking up.VBSMomma

And what would VBS be without some outdoor fun? 

Well, I gotta run.  Today is Day 4 and I need to get dressed in my Jungle Guide outfit!

All the photos are from Jeff McPheeters.  Thanks Jeff!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hong Kong

Yes, Nichole guessed right - Rene is in Hong Kong.  She wrote this morning:
This morning we took a city tour and saw some beaches, markets, fishing boats, and LOTS of high rises! Hong Kong is huge, but it doesn't seem too crowded because of the efficient public transportation system.There is a lot of green in the city too and many of the hills are covered in forest. It also doesn't seem extremely foreign; there's a lot of English around since it was a British territory for so long, and the city is very commercial with shopping centers, malls, and more stores! We drove to the top of one of the mountains for an amazing view of the city. It's all spread out between the mainland peninsula and a few smaller islands that are accessible by ferry or underwater tunnel.
She mentioned that she was struggling to use chopsticks and that there wasn't a "fork in sight".
Today she will get back on the plane and depart for her next adventure.  More to come! 

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Where in the World is Rene?

My Favorite Sister spent her last day stateside and is leaving in the morning for a new, exciting adventure.  Her first stop is on the other side of the world.  Can you guess where she is going?  Here are some hints:
  • It’s the most densely populated city in the world.
  • Its name means “fragrant harbor”.
  • It boasts a humid, subtropical climate.
  • It is one of the world's leading financial centers.
  • Know as the place where "East meets West”.
  • Where ‘Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun’
  • It has more Rolls Royces per person than any other city in the world.
  • This place has the most skyscrapers in the world!
Over the last few years, Rene has visited Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, US, Canada, Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Denmark, England, and Wales.

You can read about some of her former adventures here.