Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dog Days

Each summer brings a unique event to the large college town nearby. Each day, hundreds of people gather at dawn and dusk to, well, exercise! Together. In a huge, organized, free exercise orgy. In fact, next month, they will attempt to break the world record for the "World's Largest Community Workout"!

The sleepy little town down the way has it's own version. They meet during the week, morning and night to workout in the local outdoors sports stadium. This group numbers about 100 instead of 1000 and is a little more intimate and family-friendly. Still, it's a unique event - I've never heard of anything like this and there are 2 that meet within 15 minutes of my house!

I've gone to the smaller event twice now, and I am so sore! We run laps around the track, jog up and down the stadium stairs and lunge down the length of the football field. Oh, and do many, many jumping jacks, leg lifts, situps and pushups. Good old fashioned exercise. I'm hoping that attending this exercise group will help to counteract all of the yummy summer food in which I've been indulging, especially all those root beer floats. :) I mean, what's summer with root beer floats?!

Pictures may or may not be forthcoming. This class does meet at Crack-of-Dark-Thirty and I'm lucky to get there fully dressed. :P

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Kaele said...

But there is also all that yummy produce you'll be eating this summer too! It'll all even out! Good for you with the working out! I didn't know about the smaller gathering!