Friday, June 19, 2009


Well, I guess it's official. After almost 2 weeks of tossing names around for our new puppy, we have finally settled on "Trooper". Miss Munchkin is still hoping that the name"Truman" will magically make a comeback, but, since I think she'll come around. To placate her, I told her she could name her firstborn son, "Truman".

I have to tell you, the folks at Google will be raising some eyebrows when they review the recent searches coming from our neck of the woods. Just in case they haven't seen it all yet, they can now add the following to their list:

pooping strings of rawhide
my puppy ran through Roundup
toads poisonous to dogs

I have a feeling that Trooper is going to keep us on our toes for awhile!


Dawn, said...

Love it!!

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Yay! He has a name! It fits him perfect after all he has put you guys through. Can't wait to hear more about him.

Mama Pea said...

What is it about a puppy that is so utterly, absolutely, undeniably, adorably irresistable?

Especially when you total up all the frustration, destruction, loss of sleep, and just plain trouble they put you through.

The picture of Trooper makes me want to get down on my knees, scrunch his beautiful little head and ears in my hands, put my nose to his nose and coo, "Oooooh, you sweet, widdle, doggie-woggie, could you be any cuter?"

Help. Intervention, please. Our dog is 13 and I have VOWED she is our last.

MrsMama said...

Mama Pea, I think God made puppies utterly adorable so that we wouldn't want to kill them after they've piddled for the fourth time in the house. ;)

Our other dog is 13. We thought it would be good to overlap them a little, if you know what I mean.

Sorry, I won't talk you out of it - even with all the hassle, I love having this sweet dog around. He's a playmate for the kids and will be a guardian and family friend.

But, right now, it's a good thing he's cute!

Stephanie said...

Great name....Tell Miss Munchkin I like Truman too.

Tipper said...

Oh puppies are fun-and amusing!

Rechelle said...

He is gorgeous.