Sunday, May 31, 2009

Truman's Name of the Day

Our family is still tossing around names for our new puppy. The first day he was "Truman" but the Munchkins kept forgetting it and Mr. MrsMama finally voted 2 thumbs down. Today the puppy was "Custer", but Master Munchkin kept calling him Custard by mistake and I got tired of listening to Miss Munchkin correct him incessantly. So tomorrow he shall be "Ranger". Ranger has a nice ring to it and can be easily remembered and pronounced; we'll see how it fits.

Other names considered, and rejected:
  • Scout
  • Neo
  • Amigo
  • Tozer
  • Lincoln
  • Hank (as in cowdog)
  • Austen (as in Jane)
  • Pees-a-Lot! (Lancelot's cousin)


Swede at Heart said...

Cute! I like Scout too. I'm a fan of literary references!

My neighbor has a brittany/lab mix and it is the BEST dog! Lucky you. :)

Alisa said...

All those names are neat. I love Ranger though. Too bad Custer didn't work out.

My kids named the dog Link as in Legend of Zelda.

I think we're the only grown ups who have named their dog after a video game hero. When I'm around really smart people, I always pretend like it's short for Lincoln, as in Abraham. Usually one of the kids pipe up and ruin it for me though.

Dawn, said...

Scout would have been awesome, but I am biased... massive 'Mockingbird' fan!

Two names I love are Duncan and Cooper!! Must say Truman made me smile too!

Aubrey said...
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MrsMama said...

Ann, I am glad to hear it's a good combo!

Alisa, I really like Link - because it reminds me of the Internet and the guy in Prison Break.

Dawn, Cooper is a great name! Dang. Now another one for the short list. :)

Mama Pea said...

Can I put in my vote? "Austen" immediately jumped out of the list at me. Such a dignified name to put with that adorable face. He'll be a companion and protector for your kids for many years and who wouldn't want to have an "Austen" as their best buddy? (Besides it's a good sounding name to yell out the back door when you call him.)

April said...

He will forever be Truman to me.