Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Give Away

My site counter is telling me that I have had almost 10,000 visitors since I started "All Astonishment" almost three years ago. I actually am a bit astonished that so many of you have come to visit, well, me!

To celebrate, I am giving away this Jane Austen magnet, fresh off my fridge.

If you'd like a chance to win, please leave a comment and tell me the square root of 4,783,456.

Just kidding.

Actually, tell me which Munchkin is cuter and why. In 53 words or less.

Just kidding!

Just tell me why you like to visit "All Astonishment".
The winner will be randomly chosen by a random Munchkin sometime this weekend.


Lauri Bernet said...

Well hmmm let me see....I love your photos...like your writing...have become hooked on the everyday happenings and news from your world...and enjoy getting to know someone better :) hugs from Lauri

Dawn, said...

Your photography... and then there is, oh yeah... your photography. Then when you add to that incredible photography, 2 cute kiddos and wonderful tidbits from a beautifully simply life... I'm hooked!!! Did I mention that I love your photography?
Just checkin'

Stephanie said...

I think we could be friends in real life...I am the mom of 2 boys
(12 & 9)...Photography is a favored past time, I love your work..great composition and vivid colors ..I am an avid Austen reader..and I find you very witty and relatable...

Jen said...

Besides being so likeable, your photography is fantastic!

Gina said...

Found you from Coal Creek Farm and fell in love with your photography and writing. You are very talented.

Ann said...

I visit because I share your passion for photos, and because I love to see how you kick serious ass.

April said...

Because your photos make me happy. Oh, and you're one of my best friends, but still, the photos kick butt...and I guess you do too. Tell the kids to pick me or I'll never let my kids play with them again. Just kidding. No, really. Okay I know they can't pick me.

Alisa said...

It's certainly not because of your tough quizzes! Always making me think and stuff.

It is because I think you are somebody I would totally want to hang with but never feel cool enough to do so in real life.

Your photos caught my eye and your humor and take on life, which oddly mirrors my own, kept me coming back.
Dang, does that sound like a bad love song? Or just a creepy stalker?
Either way, you're stuck with me.

Oh, and you're not too bad at the photography thing either.

Congrats on all the visitors! You so deserve it.

Donna Boucher said...

I visit because you are the best Flickr friend a gal ever had :o)

I love your stories, your sunflowers and your pictures....and your cats....

Lindsay said...

LOVE the photos and the funny stories about you kiddos. AND I think you're fabulous too!

susie said...

Your photography, the kick boxing stories, and the jane austin stuff.
Oh, and the kids.

And I need another magnet to hang grandkids artwork on the front of my fridge.