Monday, May 18, 2009


This Summer Miss Munchkin turns 15 and is wanting to take Driver's Ed. Or is it Drivers' Ed? (muttering, let's see, there is more than one driver, possessive Ss....) Anyway, I mentioned this to my Great, Great Uncle and he shared this gem with me:

"I can remember when I started to drive. I was about 14, we had an old 1927 Nash touring car. I was so small I had to hold myself up on the edge of the front seat by holding onto the steering wheel. I could barely touch the pedals. My dad only let me drive in the pasture but I was excited. I saved money very hard and finally, by the time I was 17, I had $75 which I used to buy my first car, an old, 1931 Chevy. I repaired it and drove it until I enlisted in the Navy. Then my brother used it all the time I was in the service."
I learned how to drive in this guy, a distinguished old Chevy that has been from Missouri to Alaska. Twice.

Old Faithful

Do you have any special memories associated with learning to drive?


sapphire443 said...

Ha I remember trying to get around the circle in that thing! Consider yourself lucky, though, that you learned on a stick shift. I never quite got the hang of it. Maybe because the clutch required two feet just to push it down!

Jen said...

"Peeling out" was a reoccuring theme while learning to drive a stick shift.

The burn of rubber was worse while stopped on a hill. And so incredibly embarrassing with cute boys cruising behind me.

April said...

I want that old truck.

I have too many driving memories to share in a comment, one of them is when I stole my parents van and got it stuck in a muddy ditch.

April said...

I was 13 when I did that.

idreamicanfly said...

I learned to drive in this *tank* of an old station wagon. Almost every car I've driven has seemed small since then. Why am I not surprised that April was stealing cars at 13? :)