Thursday, May 07, 2009

Of Teeth and Bonding

Miss Munchkin split my lip in martial arts class tonight. She had me in a clench and was throwing knees at my face. I pushed aside her knee and grabbed her around her waist to slam her to the ground. She didn't go down easily. We both ended up on the ground and, during the scramble for the top, she accidentally bumped me and my tooth cut my lip.

Ah, good ol' mother-daughter bonding time.

I was going to show a photo, but it's so completely non-exciting, just a little tiny cut actually. It sounds much more exciting to say it than to see it.

Speaking of teeth, last night Master Munchkin lost a filling. When I took him to the dentist, we learned that his adult molar is coming in and was pushing on and killing that tooth. They went ahead and pulled it out and the Master got to take a tooth to school for show and tell. I was so proud of him - he was quite brave about the whole thing.

Hey, I could have just asked his sister to knock it out. She's got a mean right elbow. ;)


idreamicanfly said...

Don't tell me you're fighting without a good mouthguard? Girl, replacing teeth costs a *heck* of a lot more than a mouthguard.

MrsMama said...

I use my mouthguard when I'm officially sparring but we were just learning some new clinch escapes and not going at it full-on. Still, you're right, lesson learned!

Dawn, said...

So funny. My husband is a dentist, sees lots of sports injuries. Glad yours was minor and that your daughter now has bragging rights, for busting your chops, grin. I'm sure your son will be the hit of show and tell!

Donna Boucher said...

I love that you and your daughter spar.

It's so cool.

Glad you did not need stitches.

Alisa said...

That sounds painful. Why exactly do you do this again?

Surely, having his sister knock the tooth out would have saved you a lot in dental bills.