Monday, May 11, 2009

All the Horrors!

For Mother's Day, Miss Munchkin cleaned out my van. She vacuumed and dusted the insides and cleaned the windows and mirrors. But first she had to get out all of the extra "stuff". This is what she found, just lying around somewhere in there.

(no, not the couch - sheesh!)

Just to be clear, this is not a little bitty box. This is a 20 gallon tub. Tub of assorted... (checks tongue) stuff. Why was all of this in my van? How did it get there? Has that 6-foot bo staff been riding around with me for all this time?

Is that a computer motherboard? I know I see some nunchucks. And an old-fashioned quill and ink pen well. Right next to the spy-gadget briefcase. And the unopened kite.

Miss Munchin also carried away a huge bag of trash. I'm not going to show you that. And I'm not going to show you all of the stuff that is still in the back - like my emergency bag (hey, I like to be prepaired! Anyone need an ice pack? Finger splint? Candle? Fishhook? Emergency foil/solar blanket? I got you covered), 3 duffle bags for 3 martial artists, an extra booster seat and a box of stuff that's been trying to go to Goodwill for months now. Wish it luck.

And just to top it off, my darling daughter also cleaned out my husband's car. His box of junk was slightly smaller but his bag of trash was bigger. Much, much bigger. Ha!

Anyway, my van now looks and feels great. Thanks Sweetie!


Alisa said...

Awww, happy mother's day!

That's one of my gifts that's coming to me, I told the family there was no point until the baseball season releases us from it's clingy tentacles.

Between that and the ranch, my car just doesn't stand a chance. Haven't these people ever heard of pavement?

idreamicanfly said...

I love that you have a bo staff and nunchucks lost in your van. Along with an inkwell. Fantastic! I bet nobody else in the world can pull *that* combination of stuff out from under their car seats.

MrsMama said...

Alisa, HMD to you too. Hope it was wonderful. Don't even get me started on the *outside* of my van! Ugh. We live a mile off of pavement and just that little bit of gravel keeps us very dusty.

Jo, that's probably true. Now I feel kinda cool instead of completely mortified. Thanks! :)

Trish said...

I can relate to this post.
Last week my in-laws were
coming in town & I had a similar
clean out session in my van.
It was pouring rain I went to the
car wash, (the guy looked at me like I was crazy) I said I just need my van vacuumed out, so he did it for free, nice guy. (I did give him a tip though!)

MrsMama said...

Trish - that's funny. Nothing like an impending inlaw visit to provoke frantic cleaning.

idreamicanfly said...
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idreamicanfly said...

The cool part is that you know how to *use* them. I pity the fool that tries to carjack *you*. :)