Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tending the Weeds

I have several friends who are talented gardeners. Their yards are peppered with beautiful flowerbeds and they grow their own vegetables and herbs. I must confess that this is a talent I do not possess. I just spent the morning clearing out my front flower beds and guess what was growing there?

You may remember that last year I grew Poison Ivy. This year the horrible weed has returned only now it has been joined by Poison Hemlock! I kid you not. I am growing Poison Ivy and Poison Hemlock in my flower beds in front of my house! No, not on purpose.

I feel like the village witch.

And have you ever tried to garden with a playful puppy "helping"? He incessantly mouthed on my rubber garden gloves - with me in them. He stole my garden tools. He tackled and ran off with my cushion. He crushed my lovely yellow daylillies. He romped though the Poison Ivy. Repeatedly. He tried to chew the Poison Hemlock, which, you may have figured out, is poisonous! Finally he settled down under the shade of my wheelbarrow. Just long enough for me to finish weeding my beautiful, poisonous, itchy beds.


Jen said...

OOHHH, I feel for you. I so hope you do not get any itches in the near future. My dad is so allergic to that stuff. He can't even stand near it. I have a vivid memory of him with his eyes swollen shut from that horrible stuff.

April said...

I'm going to go google poison hemlock, I have no idea what it is.

MrsMama said...

Jen, so far so good. No itching! :)

April, that's because you grow lovely things in your garden, not poison, freaky things. Like me.