Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tale of 2 Cities

Our house is happily situated between two cities. If I drive one way, I end up in a large college town, complete with all the benefits that come with it - Target, Starbucks, a thriving downtown, lots of yummy restaurants and unique stores, and many artistic opportunities. Of course there's the traffic and bustle too.

If I drive the other direction, I end up in another college town, this one much different. This sleepy little town boasts a small swimming pool, only 2 fast food restaurants, an annual arts festival, and a different pace of life. I love the atmosphere of this small town. Old people sit around and play cards during the day, kids ride their bikes to the pool and walk to the library, passersby greet you on the street. It's quaint and calm.

These cities are each about 15 minutes from my house but I find myself heading to the smaller town more and more often. Tomorrow I'll tell you about one very unique thing that is currently drawing me there.

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Alisa said...

Now I know that you live in my dream house! I too would find my way to the small town. Except when I need unmentionables. Nobody can compete with Target for unmentionables.