Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Feel Pretty

(sing along with me - tune from West Side Story)

I feel pretty.
O so pretty.
I feel pretty and gritty and, HEY!
And I pity any
downwind today.
(la la la la laa la la laaa la la!)

Guess what I spent the morning doing?

After applying liberal amounts of bugspray and sunscreen, I braved the Kansas summer elements and ventured out into our wild, untamed outdoors. Well, at least the weeds are wild and untamed. And, of course, the chiggers.

First I saved our young corn and green beans from being assimilated (sorry, Evil Weeds - you shall not win today!). Then I poisoned the poison ivy that was growing near the house. HA! That felt really good. Then I gave the puppy an emergency bath after he romped through the freshly sprayed ivy patch. Next I planted a flat of Vincas outside our front door. I always plant Vincas there every year because that's what was growing when we moved in, and hey, why mess with success?

Then I shot this cool looking moth on our porch.

Lastly I treated myself to a manicure, using only the finest natural, organic products.

I feel yucky.
Oh so yucky.
I feel yucky and mucky and sore.
And I really hope
that I can crawl to the door.
(la la la la laa la la laaa la la!)


Mama Pea said...

Hahaha! Had to laugh out loud at your post. We be sisters in grit today! I just came in from the garden to take a quick shower before a 4 o'clock appointment. I think I look a little dirtier than you do . . . plus there seems to be an . . . let's see, how shall I say it? An aroma in the air around me. :o)

MrsMama said...

You should have got a picture! I figure if people see me at my worst, any other time they will say, "Dang Girl - you look good!" :)

Good for you - there is something satisfactory about hard work in in the garden! It might be hidden under several layers of grime, but still.... ;)

Jen said...

Girl, you are taking this self portrait challenge a little too far. I don't know if I can get gritty and then show myself.

Even at your so called worst, "Dang girl - you look good!"

Loved this post!

idreamicanfly said...

Hey ho, another photo of you! Fantastic. I love the combination of the sexy lipstick and the mud. Very you. :)

MrsMama said...

Thanks Jo! I didn't have makeup on, but a lot of magenta came out in processing.

But I DO love lipstick. :)

A Day That is Dessert said...

you are so silly :)