Saturday, June 12, 2010

Where in the World is Rene Now?

After a short stay in Hong Kong, my Favorite Sister has moved on to her next destination, where she will be staying for 10 months.  Can you guess where she is now?

Here are a few clues:
  • tropical climate
  • 7000+ islands with white sand
  • over 200 volcanoes
  • formally under Spanish rule, it is now in the hands of the USA
  • its capital city was named after a white-flowered mangrove plant, the nilad
  • during war, its flag is hoisted upside-down
  • Southeast Asia
  • Rene has been studying Tagalog in preparation for this trip
image by Lopez
So, any guesses?


Anonymous said...

This is so fun! What a great life experience - to travel. I just didn't do enough before children. Looking forward to catching up once they're grown. :)

idreamicanfly said...

Well the Tagalog is a dead giveaway. The Philippines, of course. :)

Nichole@40daysof said...

I had no idea. But The Phillipines sounds right, so I'll go with idreamicanfly. :)

MrsMama said...

Yes, it's the Philippines. You guys are smart!

I wish I had traveled more too. Maybe someday...

Cel said...

That's the famous Banaue Rice terraces! Tell her to check the Mayoyao rice terraces too, it's a 4 hour ride from Banaue. I'm from there!