Friday, March 06, 2009


I had a lovely kickboxing class recently. It was one of those days where my lazy body did not want to move. At all.

puff gibber! groan

We started warming up by jogging laps. On the instructor's signal we slapped the ground and suddenly switched directions. That's always a bit awkward and people inevitably crash into each other a bit.

swish (yap-smack!) ker-splash! splash caw bep MUTTER

After warm up, the real fun began. We partnered up and started boxing.

slip *oink* slosh-braaaap whop MAAAAH ding-dong-ding-dong

Then we did a set of "Crunch and Punches". It's like a sit up but you punch something when you sit up, usually a pad. This time we came up throwing hooks. By the time we were done, I was missing most of the skin on my right knuckle.

splutter-splutter wobble fsssst! *NIK*

Then it was time for Bag Work. This is where you do various combination of kicks and punches on a heavy bag filled with sand. Feeling determined, I gave an extra hard kick and was rewarded with some instant foot pain.

ting *chonk-chonk* pft (ker-pow-fweeeep!) urgh oompah-pah fizz-pop! (FARKLE)

Next, our instructor threw in some Sits and Dips. One person sits against the wall, supporting their weight with their wimpy legs while other person uses their knees for handholds and cranks out triceps dips. Those are always fun.

ksssh! puff klackety-klack-vrum-vrum!

Finally, to end the class, we played a rousing game of "Get the Belt" or something. Each person tucks a strip of fabric into their waistband and attempts to defend it while snatching each other's fabric. Kinda like Flag Football with out the football. I lunged for a man's strip at the same time he lunged for mine. Our heads collided.

dakka-jonk! thrum! buzz! *ow-ow!*

I don't remember much after that - things were a bit fuzzy. But I do know that I ended up with a goose egg and he got a small cut over his eye. Niiiiice.

Currently I am sitting at my computer with my foot up, waiting on X ray results, and having way too much fun with this site. Hit refresh for a new and exciting Sound Effect each time.


April said...

Honey, maybe it's time to think about dance classes. You know, something not so violent.

Point, step, point, step, shuffle, ball-change. That's about as mean as it gets.

Hope you're not too injured to watch all my kids during spring break. Remember when you said you would take them for a week?


MrsMama said...

Dancing is for I mean, incredibly talented and coordinated people. Clearly, which I am not one of.

Yes, fill kids' pockets with bierocks and send over ASAP.

Alisa said...

Hope you get better soon. I think this is why I always preferred softball. Less pain that way. You may want to consider finding a less violent sport. You don't have to prove anything to us. We know you could totally kick our butts.
Do you pay for this class?
The Boy is gearing up to start sparring and he is out of his mind excited. This may be the point that I quit staying to watch his class.

idreamicanfly said...

Oh, hey, is this the year of the broken foot? Did you get the results back yet?

I'm wondering if my toe is actually broken, as it's been almost two months and it still hurts. (My foot feels better, though.) Apparently fractures sometimes don't show up on x-ray until 2 or 3 weeks later, so I may need another x-ray. And my friend Nancy's foot *is* broken, so I'm the only girl left in the advanced class. Which is why I've been chickening out and staying home with Andy and his torn back muscle.

Hmm, are we getting too old for this game?

MrsMama said...

Alisa, I'm sure I could hurt myself in Softball too. I'm good that way.

The Boy will Love sparring. He'll burn off extra energy and testosterone and will sleep better at night too. You, maybe not so much. ;)

Jo, remember my little Munchkin is out of classes too - with a fractured foot. So we have matching air casts. He will actually miss testing for his next belt. I will be testing in 2 weeks, limping or not!

Jen said...

You ended up getting an aircast. Man, no fun. I hope it heals up quickly.

idreamicanfly said...

You're testing in an aircast? Are you insane, woman?

I think we're actually going to have to take the next session off (we missed most of this one, anyway). Andy's back hasn't healed yet, and apparently neither has my elbow that was kindly hyperextended for me by some young punk. It's killing me after lugging my camera around on Sunday. Hello doctor's appointment [sigh]

MrsMama said...

Oh Jo, your tests are so much harder than ours. Even children and little old ladies like myself can pass ours!

We do have a very intense 2 week "boot camp" that we have to go through before we can get our black belts. *That* one will be hard, as it should be.

I hope you and Andy heal up quick!