Friday, February 06, 2009

Tag! You're It

There is a fad floating around Facebook right now - 25 Random Things About Me. It starts when you get "tagged" by a Friend. You create and post your list then tag other Friends. And they tag their friends. And, well, you get the idea.

Here's my list, mostly taken from here. Because, if you're a proper blog stalker, 25 just isn't enough.

1. I have been spelunking.
2. In college, I met Maya Angelou. She said, "Hi Baby" in her warm southern accent.
3 .When I was 19, I helped physically build a church in Mexico.
4. I grew up in what some people consider a religious cult and lived in a Commune.
5. I have sung on stage at Carnegie Hall in New York. Yes, in front of an audience.
6. I know Sign Language and have taught at a School for the Deaf.
7. I had a horse and can ride both English and Western.
8. I was an only child for 17 years.
9. I have a Green Belt in martial arts.
10. I love stargazing and will drag my children out of bed at 3 AM to watch a meteor shower.
11. Once I stood right next to Holly Hunter at an art museum and pretended not to know who she was.
12. I feel light-headed if I see, think about, or think I see a broken bone.
13. I have never pierced my ears. Neither has my mom. My sister and daughter do have pierced ears - I think they are very brave.
14. I am constantly putting my foot in my mouth. Not literally - I am not that flexible.
15. I have a very dry sense of humor. Many people don't get it.
16. I would rather have a cavity filled than get sick to my stomach.
17. I like a clean and tidy house but my house is not usually tidy. Or clean.
18.On my honeymoon, I stayed in a mountain cabin with no electricity and lots of rodents.
19. For the first time in my life, I can now do push ups.
20. I have Crohn's disease.
21. One time I backed my husband's car into my mother-in-law's van. Not on purpose!
22. I have never gotten a speeding ticket. Or been pulled over.
23. I remember words to songs and melodies and can sing entire musicals and 3 hour choral pieces to you. Please don't ask me to.
24. I can read a book then re-read it a year later and not know how it ends.
25. Both of my children weighed almost 10lbs at birth.


Alisa said...

I knew you were cool! I constantly put my foot in my mouth as well. I'm better typing than talking.
It took me quite a while to get my list done for fb. I am much more boring than you are.

MrsMama said...

Ooo, post yours on your blog. I wanna see!

Jen said...

What a great list! I took sign language at a local college when I was 14 in hopes that I would be a sign language interpreter. My life turned a different direction.

I had to look up spelunking. I am going to assume the first definition of "cave exploring."

idreamicanfly said...

You had 10 lb children, but you're scared to get your ears pierced? Wow, I'll take 15 piercings at once before I'd pop out a 10 lb baby.

And hello fellow singer. Andy despairs of me because I know all the words to about 3 million songs, and can't tell you who any of them are by. Haven't done Carnegie Hall yet, though, just a lot of churches and musicals and jazz groups and a capella groups and coffee houses and...