Thursday, February 26, 2009

When Worlds Collide

Two of my favorite hobbies happily collided last night. When I showed up for Kickboxing class, a photographer from the local paper was taking photos for an upcoming article on self-defense and women in a college town. During the course of the evening, he moved about the room, taking pictures and trying not to get kicked. Or boxed.

At one point he took a few shots of my sweaty self and, when he whipped out his handy dandy notebook to write down my name, I had a chance to chat photography with him. He was surprised that I knew his name and when I mentioned my name, he remembered me from an interview that I did with his colleague. "You had some nice work," he told me. A complement from a Real Photographer. That made my week.


Alisa said...

Well, congratulations you famous photographer person! How cool is that? You're awesome.

Jen said...

That's awesome!

April said...

Heh, heh.
Gettin' a bit famous for her good work. About time.

idreamicanfly said...

Um, you are a Real Photographer. Don't knock yourself! One of the things I've learned being an artist is that if I don't introduce myself as one, no one will guess what I do. So be proud! The next time someone asks you what you do, tell them you're a photographer.