Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Miss Munchkin is reading Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. The unabridged version. All 1432 pages of it. When I was 14, I was an avid reader, but I was reading books like James Harriot's All Creatures Great and Small. Fun and easy-to-read stuff. Not foreign, historic, epic novels.

I think she became interested when she saw the musical last Spring. The themes of redemption, love, and forgiveness are timeless and moving. Plus there were catchy tunes.

After she finishes, she will write a paper on it for school.

I'm so glad I'm done with that part of my life (the required writing, not the reading)!

"You are right, Sir, when you say that Les Miserables is written for a universal audience. I don't know whether it will be read by everyone, but it is meant for everyone." Victor Hugo


Alisa said...

I love ambition in kids. My daughter just picked up Watership Down from a used book store. Strange kids we have.

Stephanie said...

Impressive! As a girl I loved the classics and now get to share them with my boys; both are avid readers..a good book is a joy..