Tuesday, February 03, 2009

One Bite Won't Kill You

The hoot I was telling you about earlier is none other than Ann Hodgman. She's written 3 cookbooks called, Beat This!, Beat That! and One Bite Won't Kill You. These aren't your ordinary cookbooks. Ok, yes, they have yummy recipes in them, but she writes them in a way that will have you taking them to bed at night only to laugh so much that your husband will insist on knowing why you are cracking up, and then you'll have to read entire sections out loud to him. But you'll enjoy every minute.

A few more quotes to wet your appetite:

You won't be able to stuff this turkey. But wouldn't you secretly prefer that?

Is there anything more hateful than mint jelly?

I'm only saying 25 minutes per pound because I don't want anyone suing me.

You may be suspicious of the Miracle Whip. I was too.

Nothing makes me angrier than spooning through vats of broth and turning up just potatoes.

Immoderation in all things, as my father never says.

I'm not sure where you can buy Beat This! and Beat That! these days, but I've seen them used from time to time. If you see a copy, snatch one up!


Joyce said...

I just did a quick check and found both Beat This and Beat That on Amazon and E-bay.

Alisa said...

Those sound like my kind of cookbooks. I might be laughing too hard to actually cook anything though.

MrsMama said...

Thanks Joyce. Did you get one for yourself? :)

Alisa, you definitely need to check out the kid's cookbook, One Bite Won't Kill You. I just made the Honey Curry chicken recipe from there and my mouth has been thanking me ever since!