Wednesday, February 20, 2008

59 Things About Me (You Probably Didn't Know)

  1. I completed CERT training (FEMA's Community Emergency Response Teams). At our final class we put out a fire, a searched a smoky building, and triaged people with terrible fake injuries.
  2. I like choral music and have sung in the local Community Choir.
  3. I can read a book then re-read it a year later and not know how it ends.
  4. I sleep with a teddy bear. Ok, currently it's actually a Snoopy, but I absolutely NEED a small, cuddly object to hold at night.
  5. Each of my children weighed almost 10lbs at birth.
  6. I have been spelunking.
  7. I met Maya Angelou in college. She said, "Hi Baby" in her warm southern accent.
  8. I helped physically build a church in Mexico.
  9. I like to watch UFC on tv. I am the only one in my family who does, unless I can make convince my husband to watch with me.
  10. I grew up in what most people consider a religious cult.
  11. I have sung on stage at Carnegie Hall in New York. Yes, in front of an audience.
  12. I know sign language and have taught at a School for the Deaf.
  13. I had a horse and can ride both English and Western.
  14. I lived in an underground house. When I was 13, my parents built it and I helped jackhammer out the sunken living room, build the deck and shingle the garage roof.
  15. I have arthritis.
  16. I have never broken a bone.
  17. I was an only child for 17 years.
  18. I am part Native American.
  19. I am slightly obsessed with thank you notes (both sending them and getting them).
  20. I do not have any first cousins. As a child, family get-togethers were pretty boring quiet.
  21. I use hand sanitizer religiously.
  22. I can ski and enjoy taking my children to the slopes. My daughter can ski better than me.
  23. I enjoy eating acorn squash, rhubarb and sauerkraut. Not at the same time.
  24. I love stargazing and will drag my children out of bed at 3 AM to watch a meteor shower.
  25. I am learning to play the cello.
  26. I get up early every day so that I can drink my coffee and read the newspaper online uninterrupted.
  27. I once stood right next to Holly Hunter at an art museum and pretended not to know who she was.
  28. I saw "Return of the Jedi" 13 times in the theater.
  29. I feel light-headed if I see, think about, or think I see a broken bone.
  30. I taught myself to play the piano.
  31. I don't play the piano very well.
  32. I have never pierced my ears. Neither has my mom. My sister and daughter do have pierced ears - I think they are very brave.
  33. I need to read something before I go to sleep at night.
  34. I used to wear glasses, but had a tumor removed from near my eye and now I don't need them. Update: OK, now I'm just old; I need glasses again. :P
  35. I am not a sports fan but I enjoy watching the Olympics.
  36. I don't know how to dance but would like to learn the waltz.
  37. I have homeschooled each of my children for a time.
  38. I am constantly putting my foot in my mouth. Not literally - I am not that flexible.
  39. I can not swim very well. I can dog paddle tolerably.
  40. I have a very dry sense of humor. Most people don't get it.
  41. I am learning how to kickbox.
  42. I wanted to be a librarian when I grew up.
  43. I don't like drinking tap water.
  44. I got married when I was 21.
  45. The smell of food-scented candles makes me feel nauseous.
  46. I would rather have a cavity filled than get sick to my stomach.
  47. I like a clean and tidy house but my house is not usually tidy. Or clean.
  48. I am irrationally afraid of stepping on earthworms on the sidewalk or road after a rain. The thought of them "popping"....shudder!
  49. I kill houseplants. And entire gardens full of vegetables.
  50. I love being in the mountains. And the woods.
  51. I honeymooned in a cabin with no electricity and lots of rodents.
  52. I am not a talented cook (but I can follow a recipe).
  53. For the first time in my life, I can now do push ups.
  54. I am on chemotherapy.
  55. At the grocery store, I once accidentally leaked sugar from a 10lb bag in every. single. aisle.
  56. One time I backed my husband's car into my mother-in-law's van. Not on purpose!
  57. I love my mother-in-law.
  58. I have never gotten a speeding ticket. Or been pulled over.
  59. I remember words to songs and melodies and can sing entire musicals and 3 hour choral pieces to you. Please don't ask me to.


Rene said...

You don't like wintergreen-flavored things.

MrsMama said...

Rene, that's true. But who in their right mind does? ;)

Rene said...

Ha ha, very funny. I know someone pretty well who does!
Hint: It starts with an "m" and ends with an "e".

Susan H said...

I hope your chemo is over and you are doing sensational. Life has some interesting twists and turns, doesn't it?! I admire your sense of humor and grace.

MrsMama said...

Thanks for stopping by, Susan, and for your nice comment! I'm happy to have you visit. :)