Monday, February 25, 2008

Bob & Weave

I have been attending a kickboxing class. It's been a lot of fun and is a great workout. My dear friend Laura has graciously been coming to class with me. She's such a good sport - she didn't even complain when I repeatedly dropped a 6-pound medicine ball onto her stomach (oooof!). Of course, then she got to drop it on my stomach. Something about strengthening our abs...I'd say it's more like testing our friendship! ;)

Last week I brought my Favorite Sister to class. At one point in the evening we worked on bobbing and weaving, which involves ducking under a sweeping punch and coming up cocked and ready to counter. It was new to us so we both took it slowly at first. Suddenly we had the technique down and spontaneously started move in time to the upbeat background music. Bob...and weave. Bob, huh, and weave. Bob...and weave. There we were, 2 silly sisters, dancing and bobbing and weaving and having a blast together. I don't take these moments for granted - I was almost fully grown and gone when she was born so I cherish the time we spend together.


Donna Boucher said...

So funny!! Sisters are the best :o)

And doing something physical and fun just adds to silliness...I know :o)

Rene said...

Bob...and weave!