Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Favorite Sister

Hugs from an Aunt, originally uploaded by MrsMama.

I was an only child for all of my childhood. When I was 17, my dear sister, my only sibling, was born. I was old enough to be her mother, actually, and often got a lot of quizzical looks when my mom, sister and I were all together.

I jokingly call her my "favorite" sister but, truly, she is delightful. She and I skipped all of the sibling rivalry. She is a very cool aunt to the Munchkins - she and Miss Munchkin are only 7 years apart.


Donna Boucher said...

Fantastic picture!!!

You are like my Katie and Emma.
Did you know that?
They are 11 years apart in age.

My son Patrick is seventeen years older than Katie.

Not exactly like you two...but similarities I can relate to.

God's timing is funny, isn't it?

MrsMama said...

That's delightful. I bet you avoided most of the sibling rivalry too. I thought we would, since the Munchkins are almost 7 years apart, but no. They STILL manage to fight and annoy each other quite a bit! :P

Rene said...

Awwww. I am so lucky to have a sister like you! Really.