Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Class, Please Welcome MrsMama

A talented Flickr friend and college professor asked if I would come in and talk photography with his beginner's class. Although feeling quite flattered, I had to set him straight. I am a beginner myself and (whispers) don't entirely know what I am doing. That, coupled with my limited use of big words, would be, um, bad. I can see it now:

Student: How did you change the exposure on the fly like that?
Me: I turned the little dial.
Student: Which dial?
Me: Oh, you know - the one on top, next to the Thing. Next question!

Student: What is the focal length of a telephoto lens that has been retrofitted with an extension ring?
Me: Thanks, but I already have lunch plans. Next!

Student: Under what circumstance do you preset your white balance to match the frequency of the internal core temperature of the Sun?
Me: (points out window) Is that Kevin Bacon?

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april said...

Oh, go teach the class. It sounds like you will at least be entertaining! LOL!