Friday, May 09, 2008

100 Day Update

I recently started a One Hundred Day Onslaught exercise program and wanted to provide an update. I did get in 2 days with the extra 40 minutes of exercise but I've had a few setbacks as well. I've been having a sore elbow for some time now but it has worsened to the point where I can't ignore it any longer. It seems a few tendons in my right arm are inflamed and apparently boxing and punching with them 4 nights a week hasn't helped! I will have to take it easy in class and will probably have to postpone the extra push ups until I heal. Also, 2 guys named Breyers and Ghirardelli have been formidable opponents this week. I have to admit that they may have even won a round or two. But I'll still in the fight!

I'll let you know when I weigh in in the Lightweight division. :)

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April said...


What would Chuck Norris Do?

Keep kickin'!