Monday, May 12, 2008

100 Day Update

I haven't given up my Fight of the Year, the 100 Day Onslaught. This morning, Round 1 went to me. I jogged to the mailbox and back (hey, don't forget we live in the country!) worked on the bag, and got in some arm and ab exercises. But then I got ambushed downtown by some guy named Einstein AND his brothers so Round 2 went to them. But I feel optimistic about Round 3 - it's kickboxing class tonight and that is a full hour of nonstop sweat and panting. And I'm bringing my hubby. Woo Hoo!


Ann said...

very funny- round two...bagels are round...hee hee.

I admire your motivation.

MrsMama said...

Thanks Ann. At least by blogging about this, I have a little bit of pressure to follow through!
Cute pic of you and Q, by the way.