Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Master Munchkin: Why does (Miss Munchkin) need a razor?
Me (revving up for a lecture): To shave her legs. Do you want to know about Body Hair?
Master Munchkin: No. Can snakes sneeze?

Miss Munchkin, on the way home from school, after passing a new local business:
"What's a pub?"
"It's like a bar."
"Oh. Do we want to go to a pub?"
"No, why do you ask that?"
"Because you said, 'Oh Look, I wish we could go to that pub!'"
"No, I said, 'Oh Look, it's an Irish pub'".

Then, a short time later, "What's a hickey?"

So glad I can be of help. :P

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April said...

Do snakes sneeze?

There are times I have to limit the amount of questions Ike asks me on a daily basis.

They are so eager to fill those brains with information.