Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Techical Difficulites

Ugg. Our computer is not uploading properly. So I can't blog the things that are spilling out of my mind, not entirely and properly anyway.

So here isn't a gorgeous little child with big eyes and rosy cheeks, holding a toy basketball. If there were a photo, it would be T. He is our cousin and is very sick in the hospital with pneumonia AND a raging staph infection. Keep him in your prayers, please.

And here isn't a short video clip of the Master breaking a board at Belt Graduation last week.

Here is something I can blog about with just words:

"It took brute strength and a brilliant mind, but I finally got it down."

Master Munchkin spent the afternoon chopping down an old board in a tree with a dull hatchet then marched into the kitchen with this statement. He cracks us up.

Regular blogging will return after certain husbands come home and fix things.

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