Friday, August 22, 2008

She's a Lover, Not A Fighter

Just a quick update on Fight Class. First of all, my nose is still straight and oh so lovely (although it was making a strange clicking noise just a minute ago).

Class went well. In addition to jabs and crosses, we worked on hooks and uppercuts. As usual, I did OK as long as I knew what was coming. One of my favorite moments was when I landed a sweet jab on my partner's helmet, right in front of the teacher, who called out to the class, "We have contact over here". I took about 3 seconds to mentally pat myself on the back and was replaying the whole beautiful scenario in my mind, basking in the praise, when - POW - my partner caught me right in the kisser sniffer! Of course, this was still also in front of the teacher. Um, yeah. Keeps you humble. :)

Here's a question: what does Jane Austin society and martial arts class have in common? Seriously, there really is something. And I love it. Can anyone figure it out?

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