Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fight Class

I recently signed up for a Kickboxing Fight Class. I've been learning the basic moves for awhile now but, in our "normal" kickboxing class, we punch on pads that are held up by our partner. These pads represent our partner's face. In the Fight Class, there won't be any pads.

There will be padding, however. Students will wear a helmet, boxing gloves, shin guards and a mouthpiece. Here's my helmet:

Hey! I noticed that there is not a lot of padding around the nose area. Hmmm...that's a, concerning.

I signed up for the class because sometimes I'm a bit slow when it comes to picking up things and I've found that I learn a lot faster when I'm about to get hit in the face. :) Sometimes it takes a few knocks, but then I finally stop worrying about feeling self-conscious and start focusing on technique.

Right now, there are 4 guys and 2 girls signed up for the Fight Class.
The man on the right is one of those guys:

Here Mr. B is quickly and efficiently taking down an armed "mugger". He is a very nice man but I would NOT recommend getting into a fight with him. Which, um, is apparently what I will be doing. Gulp.

Please don't hit me in the nose, Mr. B. Just not the nose.


April said...

A helmet? Pads? Um, add a strange ball and then you could play, you know, football,.

MrsMama said...

If I played football, would I get one of those helmets with the bars across the nose, I mean face? Those are nice.... :)

Alisa said...

You are an odd little duck.
Although, if I ever need protecting, I just may call on you.
Here's wishing you lots of noseless hits in class.

MrsMama said...

Alisa - me and my nose thank you. :)

idreamicanfly said...

I have studiously avoided Krav Maga fight class by not having all of the equipment I need. You are a sucker for punishment. I've told myself once I pass my P2 test I'll do fight class. Yeah, yeah, I'll take that P2 test eventually. After 3 sessions of being invited to test, my teacher is starting to bug me about it...