Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm getting ready for a road trip so it may be a bit sparse around here the next few days.

What are your favorite take-alongs for a road trip? (snacks, audiobooks, etc.)


April said...

every kid gets
1. a pillow and travel blanket
2. small bag with favorite toys, books, notpads, etc..
3. books on tape Harry Potter has been one of our all time favorites and also Huckleberry Finn, they both have excellent narrators. Oh, and Hank the Cow Dog on tape is hysterical.

4. Best candy to travel is Twizzlers (can't melt and doesn't crumble)

5. I always pack a cooler with drinks and food and then we don't have to stop to eat as often. I usually only let the kids drink water so they aren't gulping large amounts of soda or juice and then they don't have to stop to use the bathroom as often.

6. I'm all for taking movies in the car, but our DVD player is busted so we'll be doing books on tape instead. You still need to check out School of Rock.

That's all my suggestions and did I mention I hate long car trips?

muddywaters said...

We're currently on a roadtrip, so I've spent a lot of time thinking about such matters.

I always keep a stash of secret candy, so I can surprise my daughter at various points during our trips.

We listen to podcast of NPR's This American Life. You can download them for free at Itunes. Although five-year-olds don't really enjoy NPR.

The Ipod is essential on a trip. I usually create a travel playlist with everyone's suggestions.

MrsMama said...

Thanks for your tips and ideas!