Saturday, June 21, 2008

Praise Indeed

My grandparents are pretty amazing.

1. They have been married 69 years.
2. They have visited 49/50 States in America.
3. My grandfather survived a seven-way valve bypass on his heart.
4. My grandmother once saved my grandfather's life by breathing for him until help arrived.
5. My grandfather could pick up the front of a car. Any car.
6. My grandfather has driven over 1 million miles.
7. My grandfather once scared away a grizzly bear by clapping his hands and walking towards it.
8. At age 90, my grandfather does push-ups, leg lifts, hand grips and 100 petals on a bike daily (even though he's in a wheelchair).
9. My grandparents played ping pong regularly into their 70s.
10. I've never heard them raise their voices - to me or to each other.
11. They built their home by hand 50 years ago and are still living in it today.


Alisa said...

I miss my grandparents so much. What a loving tribute you've given yours.

MrsMama said...

Thanks Alisa. I know I've been given a special gift - a little more time with them.

I wonder what my grandkids will say about me. "Um, my grandma... she, um, kickedboxed and liked to take pictures. She never got off them of her harddrive, however, so we've never actually *seen* any of them. But we've heard stories..." ;)

Alisa said...

Well, isn't that what your blog is for? I plan on giving my kids the web address and saying, "There, for all the world to see is your childhood. Or my interpretation thereof." Better than a dang scrapbook. (said with love and affection since I've spent just a few hrs. scrappin')

Amy Knupp said...

That is so cool...they sound like amazing, special people! I wish I'd learned more about my grandma before she died because I just know she had some stories to tell!

April said...

She saved his life by breathing for him. wow.