Monday, August 10, 2009

Ready to Rumble

Fight Class starts this week!

If you've been around All Astonishment for awhile, you may remember when I went through my first Fight Class at our martial arts school last year. I was so nervous! I was the only woman amidst a handful of guys who could punch really fast. But, overall, it was a great experience. I learned that I could take a hit and even land one occasionally. And I found that I could keep going even though I was exhausted.

Class starts Tuesday. I am still a little nervous, but also excited. In our regular classes, we throw punches and kicks to pads held to the side of our partner's face, or to a punching bag. In Fight Class, we wear protective gear and actually strike each other. I believe that several other women have signed up this year. So now I can get beat up by both guys and girls! Niiiice.

Here are a few highlights from last year:

Not in the Nose!
A Song and an Embarrassing Moment
She's a Lover, not a Fighter


Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

I would hate to meet you in a dark alley. Seriously.

Alisa said...

Wohoo! Have fun, stay safe, and try not to find it necessary to bake too many brownies!
Can't wait to hear the adventures.

idreamicanfly said...

Brave, brave woman. I've been to *one* of these so far, even though we should have been going once a week for a year. There's a class this evening which we are, of course, skipping.

Do you want to come and take my fight class for me, too? And do the fight portion on my next exam? In return I'll be happy to do your groundwork for you...