Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Her Little Ponies

I spent the weekend helping my parents with their yard sale. They are getting ready to move and had at least 30 years of STUFF accumulated. I had the chance to revisit some of my childhood toys that my parents had found buried somewhere deep within a closet: my Big Bird alarm clock, a Snoopy snowcone maker, some Barbies and a Ken (and their RV), my first tool box. And my parents had plenty of my sister's toys as well: 57 My Little Ponies, boxes of Babysitter Club books, and lots of Little Pet Shop toys. Most everything went in the sale. Except the My Little Ponies - Rene isn't quite ready to give them away yet.

And, over the course of the day, I finally perfected my farmer's tan. :P

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sapphire443 said...

You counted the ponies??