Thursday, August 06, 2009

Too Late - Part Two

I pulled up in the driveway and hurried into the house. I wasn't sure what I would find. Miss Munchkin's phone call had certainly jump-started my morning, and my heart.

The sound of running water met me at the door, along with Miss Munchkin and the piercing scream of a fire-alarm.

I can't get it to stop!

Water was pouring out of our front-load washing machine at rather an alarming rate. Miss Munchkin had been using bowls and towels to catch it, but she was obviously loosing the battle. Not only was water coming out of the washer, it was still going in - trying to fill the barrel and complete its job.

I hit the power button and turned off the machine. The washer continued to fill. I wrenched the washer away from the wall and pulled the electric plug out of the socket. The washer kept filling with new water. And, of course, gushing out the old.

Empty the buckets! I called over the fire alarm. Do we have any more towels? Miss Munchkin scurried off.

I turned the handles that shut off the water supply to the machine. Finally! The washer stopped filling. By this time, the water level was half-way up the washing machine window, and still leaking out at a good clip.

I cleaned out the filter and waited for the water to empty the barrel. A few bowls and buckets later, I was finally able to open the door. There I discovered the problem. The rubber seal to the door was missing a chunk. A lovely *puppy bite-sized* chunk.

After mopping up as much water as I could, I hurried downstairs to our finished basement to see what I could do about the fire alarm. Miss Munchkin had spread a few towels and a couple of kitchen pitchers around to try and catch the water, which was dripping... through the fire alarm! I pulled up a chair and disconnected the protesting device. After one last watery warble, all was quiet. Finally!

The replacement seal for the washer door will take several days to arrive. So we are currently washerless. And entirely out of clean towels.


Dawn, said...

OH NO!!! Poor Miss M, she must have been completely terrified! Way to save the day!

That better, BETTER, be ONE cute puppy.

Our puppy just killed our rooster... the rooster I had a really big crush on... lucky for the puppy, I love her too! But I am still very heartbroken.

MrsMama said...

Oh, I'm sorry Dawn. That's really sad. Bad puppy! :(

April said...

Looks like you could use a fried that has a washer and dryer....ahem.

7 D's said...

Ohh man, really that sound so exausting! Poor baby (your daughter) and that puppy baby...!!

Katidids said...

Of course your out of towels! OMG do you laugh or cry first?

MrsMama said...

Yes, Miss Munchkin did a great job of handling things while I was gone. I'm really proud of her.

And I think we'll survive a few days without our washer. It's inconvenient but, hey, it could be worse! Besides, there's always the creek near April's.

Katidids, yes. :)

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

I wish my washer would conk out for a day only. Then I'd have an honest excuse for not "scaling" K2 in my laundry room. Although, if it went in the grand scale that yours did, I think would be completely hysterical. It definitely would not be pretty.

Happy weekend friend!

Alisa said...

I know it's not. I know it's not, but that is totally hilarious!
I know I shouldn't laugh because, but for the grace of God, and all....
The puppy is adorable!

Anonymous said...

What a drag. Warning, warning... I too have one of those washers and I can tell that "THAT" rubber gasket is about to go. It's already dribbling down the front. Hmm... emergency fund?

MrsMama said...

Blessings, you may want to consider replacing it sooner than later. I guess it's either the emergency fund now or an Emergency later. If you schedule a repair, at least you can be caught up on laundry and avoid the Flood part. :)