Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dizzy Mom Attacks!

In martial arts class, our instructor decided that we should practice hitting a target while we are disoriented. Just in case, say, we were knocked down by a blow to the head and became dizzy but still had to fight. Hey, it could happen!

So we partnered up and took turns spinning around, bent over with our hands on our head. Think forehead on a baseball bat. When our teacher called out the signal, we had to quickly orient ourselves, find our target and hit it five times in a row, fast and hard.

There seemed to be a distinct division in the class; those under 20 years of age were spinning and smiling and giggling and nailing their targets. The rest of us were spinning and staggering, groaning and sometimes falling. Ugh! I managed to hit the pad my daughter was holding but not fast and once to twice I almost hit her in the face. (Sorry, Sweetie!) I think it's an age thing. You know how it used to be fun to ride roller coasters and get spun on merry-go-rounds? Then, after a certain age, it's just not fun anymore. After class I had to wait a bit for the room to stop spinning and my stomach to settle. And for my daughter to stop laughing at me.

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idreamicanfly said...

Oh, we get spun around with our eyes closed, which I recover from pretty well. We haven't had to do the bent over version, though. Sounds a bit nauseating...