Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation Vittles

One memory that stands out from my childhood vacations was the special eatable treats that my parents brought along. I think I remember them because they were only bought for trips - I never got to eat them at home.

Remember Carnation Breakfast Bars?

These were one of my favorite trip foods. I think my mom and dad got these because they were a fast, easy thing to throw at me in the car after dragging me out of bed at 4 in the morning "to get an early start". Carnation no longer makes these but I still wistfully look for them in the grocery store.

The other memorable food item we took on trips were those little individual boxes of cereal. If you carefully cut them open and peel the box back, you can pour in milk and eat them straight of the box. Another item of convenience - no bowls needed!

On our recent road trip, Master Munchkin got to chug some sweet, old-fashioned, ice-cold root beer. This is a special treat for him since we don't usually have pop in the house. He must have downed at least 4 of those bottles over the course of our stay!

Do you have any fond memories of "Trip food" or special treats when you were traveling?


Lindsay said...

We always had licorice on road trips. Whenever I smell it now it reminds me of family vacations. Funny thing is Tyler's family did the same thing, but they also had homemade chocolate chip cookies.

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

My siblings and I were just discussing/laughing over this recently over what items my mom packed for our camping trips. Tang! Remember that stuff? Hamburger or Tuna helper. I stay clear of that stuff now in the shopping aisle. Then there was Spam in a can. Oh goodness! Terrible,wretched stuff.
I loved those Carnation bars. They were such a treat, literally! I didn't know they were still around. Okay, I am aging myself!

Amy said...

We always had those individual cereal boxes too - I love them! We would fight over the Froot Loops...

Mama Pea said...

You mentioning the individual cereal boxes reminds me of our daughter's childhood. In trying to raise her on only "healthy", unprocessed foods, commercial cereal was a no-no. So, of course, any store-bought cereal was highly desired. As a special treat each year at Christmas she would get (I think it was a 10 or 12 pack) a whole package of the little, individual boxes of cereal.

Oh, I can just hear her saying now as a lovely adult woman, "And that, Mom, is why I turned out so weird!"

MrsMama said...

Lindsay, my Mother-in-Law brings licorice on road trips too. Personally, I'd rather have the cookies! :)

Oh yes, I remember Tang. Probably too well.

Those little cereal boxes are so fun! You know, I've never gotten them for my children - ever. I am probably depriving them of future favorite childhood memories! ;)

Camie said...

Quaker Instant Oatmeal. One of my favorite memories is the first time my dad took me camping, just me and my dad. We backpacked into a small lake. Right along the shore grew wild strawberries, which I picked and then stashed along the shore in the cold water. In the morning, it was up at sunrise to oatmeal and berries before fishing. I remember my dad remarking that the berries just made it that much better. I tear up just thinking about it....

MrsMama said...

Camie, what a wonderful memory! I'm sure it was precious to your dad as well.

Brenna said...

We always had the little cereal boxes as well as Entenmann's junk food pastries! I didn't grow up with Carnation Breakfast bars but...I googled the recipe!

Carnation Breakfast Bars (compliments of Budget

1 Cup Spanish Peanuts (Peeled and Crushed to a near powder)
1 Cup Rolled Toasted Oats (I had to use Granola for lack of toasted oats)
1 Cup Rice crispies
½ Cup Miniature chocolate chips
1/3 Cup Light Karo Syrup.
24 - 36 Oz. Milk Chocolate

Combine all dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Add Karo Syrup

(though it is possible to pack the ingredients without this) Line a small

pan with wax paper and PACK the mixture FIRMLY into pan. Melt 12 oz

of the chocolate and spread over top of mixture and refrigerate till

firm (at least one hour)

MrsMama said...

Ooo, thanks for the recipe Brenna. I'll have to try it!