Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dog Days

Photo by Nick Krug

Our community offers a unique exercise program. For the past 25 summers, the public has been invited to workout together for free. You can read more about Dog Days here.

Yesterday, the group met in an attempt to set the record for the largest community workout. And I was there, along with 2765 other people.

But where was April?


April said...

Where the heck was April?!! She was trying to decide if it was worth dragging the 4, 7 and 13 year old through a sea of people and then decided, NO...not worth it. So, she stayed home and ate roast beef.

I liked the video, especially of coach making his wife give him a very reluctant high five.

We should record him and use it as inspiration all winter.

MrsMama said...

I did get more footage of him. And his calf muscles. :)

That's all the inspiration I need right there.