Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Praise Indeed

Every once in awhile I'll come across a product that I like so much that I need to share it with you.

I picked up a few Zing Bars for my daughter, who is on a gluten and dairy-free diet. She's an active teenager who is always looking for an easy snack to grab. I made the mistake of "trying" one of them and now she needs to hide them from me because they are that good!
Creamy, crunchy organic peanut butter covered in a mouthwatering organic dark chocolate coating. Pinch yourself... it's healthy.
I was also thrilled to find that Betty Crocker has come out with a line of gluten-free mixes. These are priced less than the usual gf cake mixes that I've found. Thank you Betty, you've just made my life a little easier.

And lastly,

I love Method cleaning products. They use only natural and non-toxic ingredients. Check out these dryer sheets. Aren't they cute?

Have you come across a new product lately that you absolutely love?


D said...

Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof deodorant. It is the only thing that can stand up to the steamy, insanely hot summer in southwest Florida. Believe me, I've tried EVERYTHING else, and nothing comes close.

MrsMama said...

I saw that in the store the other day and wondered if it worked. Now I know! Thanks :)