Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Friend Mr. Policeman

As I was driving into town yesterday on our 2 lane highway, I noticed a car tailgating me. After double-checking that I was driving the posted speed limit, I pushed my annoyance aside and grimly ignored him. As soon as he had the chance, he zoomed passed me. My annoyance grew as I observed the "no passing zone".

"Where's a cop when you need one," I muttered grumpily.

A minute or two later, I glanced in my rear view mirror and was startled to see a police truck, right on my tail, silently pulsing his lights at me. As I pulled over to let him pass, hope dawns. "I think he's going after that guy," I told the Munchkins.

We watch as the policeman drives right up behind the Loser and tailgates him. "Ooooo, I bet he's calling in his plate and getting information," I informed the Munchkins. We are all attention.

The policeman flipped on his lights and pulled over the offender.

"HA!" I cackle. "Ha haa haaaaa!" The Munchkins join in. We sound like a chorus of happy Nelsons from the Simpsons.

As we drove by, Mr. Policeman looked directly at me and raised his hand in a friendly wave. I gave him a big grin and the "thumbs up" sign. "Good job!" I mouthed. Miss Munchkin is equally embarrassed and impressed. Her younger brother is whooping in delight. "He waved at you!"

Ah yes, my tax dollars at work.

What a great day!


Katidids said...

I love it when right wins!

Mama Pea said...

Don't ya just love it when good triumphs over evil? :o)

So good for the kids to see!

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

So glad it wasn't you being pulled over!
Glad he caught the annoying tailgater. They are a pet peeve for sure!

Alisa said...

You are lucky! That never happens! Or maybe that's just here in crowded so ca?
Good lesson for the munchkins as well.

idreamicanfly said...

Wow, there's one for the books. When are the cops actually *there* when someone is driving like a b*ttwipe? Brilliant. :)

idreamicanfly said...

And I see Alisa must live near me. Maybe the lack of convenient coppage is a SoCal thing.

Don said...

Good thing you didn't speed up to make the Tailgater happy! So was it a little red sports car? Or a large dark SUV? Not that there's a correlation between folks that like those vehicles and tailgating... ;)