Monday, July 13, 2009

A Positive Spin

Some of today's Adventures:
  • Riding on a cart pulled by oxen
  • Making and eating homemade ice cream
  • Spying on a Bald Eagle with binoculars
  • Learning how wool becomes yarn
  • Sleeping in bunk beds (I call bottom!)
  • Exploring an basement built in the 1840's
  • Driving Lessons with Aunt Rene (for Miss Munchkin)
  • An early morning jog along the misty Mississippi River
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


April said...

an early morning jog.....
I'm so proud of you, even on vacation you're still at it.

Camie said...

I can't wait to see either!

Love the picture of the working hands...


Tipper said...

Sounds like tons of fun.