Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Family Photoshoot on the Fourth

A dear acquaintance hosts extended family gatherings at her home and, for the 4th of July, asked if I would stop by and take a few family photos. They pretty much knew what they wanted so I didn't have the opportunity to get too creative, but I did suggest moving a large patio couch off of the patio, to which they replied, "We have a church pew in the garage." Yes!

This family has such fine looking young men and women. I mean, look at these gorgeous people!

I will now let you hear a glimpse of the voices of doubt inside my head: I feel like I am so new to this - honestly, photoshoots like these are outside of my comfort zone. I am not comfortable taking charge and issuing orders, a skill that I think a photographer should have. I think the poses here are pretty traditional and aren't very creative. And I am struggling with getting skin tones right in post-processing. But every time I do this, I learn something new. Which is why I do this.

Things that went well: I loved having the family pose outside. I set my camera to take repetitive shots quickly and, once people were posed, I just held the shutter down. I did come home with 950 shots (yes, really!), but, with that many people, there were many rejects (eyes closed, babies wiggling, etc.). I've narrowed it down to the best 100 and am in the middle of editing these.

And I was able to sneak in a few candid shots (my favorite kind of photography). I especially love the interaction between the grandmothers and their great, great grandbabies. Actually, this is why I do this! :)


Katidids said...

Just beautiful photos! What a lucky family to have them! I love the "greats" photo. What a memory to have

7 D's said...

Ohh yum, look at those chubby legs...!

idreamicanfly said...

Oh, the candids are fantastic! I can't ever see myself doing this kind of photography, because I'm too much of an introvert. Put me in a huge crowd of people and I go hide in the corner. Or I go home. :)

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Oh I love these! Wow. What fun for you, and I agree, tough to direct so many people.
Do you have your camera set to Vivid mode? I recently changed mine back to Normal due to the redness in faces and such.
You did a great job with these!

Jen said...

I agree with large family photos. It is so hard to not be traditional with large shoots. The creative goes out the window.

Ditto. Being the director is challenging. I hear you on that one!

MrsMama said...

Thanks for your encouragement and kind comments. I hope the family will be pleased.

Good idea - I'll check my camera settings. Nikon can get a bit carried away :)

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures! You're so talented - definitely a natural photographer!

I love the candids too...and those chubby baby thighs? I could just squeeze them!

Really enjoy your blog : )

MrsMama said...

Thanks Amy. I'm so glad you stopped by!

Trish said...

Great photos, I love the one of the tiny baby feet!