Friday, January 08, 2010

MrsMama, Pet Whisper

We have quite a few furry friends at our house. Pictured here is Trooper, our new puppy and Frodo, cat adventurer. Not pictured are Lizzy and Strider, who are currently enjoying a rare visit inside (since it's soooo cold out). In fact, their furry bottoms are in my way as I'm typing this! Shoo. (Why must they step on the keyboard or lie on the mouse?) Also not pictured is Freedom, our eldest cat. We've had her forever. She's napping in a quiet corner right now.

These pretty kitties are also featured here on Flickr. Pop over to see what they've been up to.


Kait said...

Ooooooooh I visited your flicker. Lovely lovely lovely. You have the prettiest felines I have ever seen.

MrsMama said...

Thanks Kait. They sure bring a lot of joy to our lives. Mostly. ;)