Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday the Kansas wind spent all day taking little bits of snow from our front yard and depositing them in our driveway. We woke up to some pretty deep drifts! I tried to drive through them but my van became quite stuck. Master Munchkin and I did some digging, then our wonderful neighbor showed up on his tractor. With a plow. Before we knew it our driveway was clear and our van was free. Woo HOO! Did I mention we have an awesome neighbor?

This is our driveway. After.

This is Master Munchkin and his Man Cave, er I mean, snow cave that he made after school. Cool, huh?

Now I'm off to take our neighbor a steak or two. He's the best!


Enid said...

so COOL...!

Mama Pea said...

Although we live "out", we too have good neighbors living on the land to our east and west. When I hear horror stories of neighbors from he**, it reminds me to be very appreciative and grateful for the good people we have around us.

Obviously you've got a great neighbor, too. What a comfort to know, huh?

Alisa said...

Good neighbors are the best.

Spruce Hill said...

Growing up on a large farm we called those drifts chicken house drifts! Because We could jump off the chicken house into them :) Fun stuff for a kid!