Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Warms my Little Heart

We are sitting snug in our house while a Winter storm rages outside. The family is all home and school is already canceled for tomorrow. Later this week, the high temperature of the day will be ZERO! Brrr....

Here are some things warm my heart this time of year:

Going to bed -we have a heated mattress-cover, which we turn on an hour or so before bedtime. Crawling into those warm flannel sheets and snuggling under the down comforter is pure Bliss.

Padding around the house in thick, comfy socks. Also warming my cold feet on my husband and children.

Curling up on the leather couch in a soft, fluffy throw blanket.

These coasters, given to me by a dear friend. This time of year they are constantly being used to hold my favorite body-warming drinks (strong coffee with 1/2 and 1/2, Irish Breakfast tea with sugar and milk, or a mug of hot, milky chai).

Taking a cat nap with an actual cat.

A roaring fire. On the very coldest of evenings, we'll build a wood fire in the living room and sit close by, reading or playing a family game.

And today my husband called me to make sure I was safe driving home from picking up the children. There's a big heart warmer for me.

How are you keeping warm this Winter?


Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

What? They make electric mattress pads? What planet have I been residing on?

The only thing that warms me to the core is the woodstove. I get that baby roaring to the point of vibration - perfect. Then I stand in front of it 'til my leg skin is almost crispy and then, I leap onto the couch and cook. Repeat as necessary. And I mainline hot coffee in January, February and March. :)

MrsMama said...

Camie, I love my heated mattress pad more than my left kidney.

Oh, I forgot - the other thing that warms my heart is reading comments from YOU. :)

Dawn, said...

Freezing temps and a little snow flurry and we TOO have a snow day... of course since we homeschool a little bit of the excitement is lost in translation... but the fact that we reside in Alabama still makes a dusting of snow rare fun!

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

I think I'd give a left kidney for a heated mattress pad.

Oh, you make me laugh, my friend!

MrsMama said...

Dawn, sounds like a great day for some outdoor PE! :) Stay safe and warm.

Alisa said...

Is it a bad time to mention that it's been in the 80's here? I had to use my a/c in my car yesterday.
It's okay though, we're all still wearing sweaters and jeans because it is WINTER darn it!
No, I'm not jealous of snow days and fireplaces.
Why do you ask?

Jen said...

I am currently wearing a stocking cap. Yeah, I know I'm indoors, but is keeps me warm.

Anonymous said...

I love ALL your 'heart warmers' especially your husbands call, so dear. :)