Sunday, January 03, 2010

Resolutions for the Photographer

I posted this last year, but I think it's worth another look. Here are 22 New Year resolutions for the Photographer.

Here is the list from the previous year. Lots of good stuff!

Most all of my work is online and this year I want to get some photos off of my computer and up on my walls and into the hands of my family. That and learn to shoot in Manual mode. Wish me luck!

Do you have any photographic resolutions?


Anonymous said...

My New Years resolution is to get back on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon so I can pinch my pennies together to buy myself a DSLR by my birthday (July)! After that, the goals are numerous. : )

Enid said...

I know exactly what you mean!

Alisa said...

Seriously? You take all those awesome pictures in automatic??

The best Mother's Day present I ever recieved was from my Daddy, he and I took a weekend in Utah to learn how to use our cameras. It was a blast and I learned so much. Most of it, being landscape photography, I don't use often, but now I know how to work my way around my camera.
Here's a link, just for fun.

MrsMama said...

Prairietrails: Ugh, budgeting is really hard, I think. That's a great goal though, and one worth working towards!

Enid - Happy New Year!

Alisa, I shoot mostly in Aperture mode but I'd like to feel comfortable in the others as well. What a great gift! I could use some one-on-one mentoring.

Jen said...

I shoot in mostly aperture mode too ;)
My only photography resolution is to keep trying new things and take more pictures.

Jen Fields said...

Once you go Manual you won't want to go back. I shoot strictly in manual...I don't like shooting any other way. :)

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

My first photographic resolution would be to learn how to use the blasted thing. It's a point and shoot, but apparently, I'm not wired to point and shoot - unless it's pointing at the mess some un-named Kiddle has left lying on the floor or shooting beads from the slingshot at the fruit tree eating deer.

Any recommendations on a DSLR for the inept?

MrsMama said...


For you I might recommend one of the really nice point & shoots that are available today. Check out some of the Canon Powershots, like the s90, G11 or SX20 IS. They are getting great reviews and are a little easier to tote around.

The Park Wife said...

Not a great photographer, but a resolution dealing with photography is that I am going to try to NOT look like a total dork in all the pictures taken of me this year.