Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to Survive a Septic Situation

Discover leaking water in basement closet.
Clear out closet and set buckets under drips.
Go Exploring.
Discover brown, murky water backing up in tubs and showers.
Attempt to flush toilets.
Try to remedy situation with plunger and coat hanger.
Declare toilets, showers, laundry and dishwashers Off Limits.
Ignore Looks of Disbelief and Cries of Dismay from family.
Try to reach plumber on Saturday night.
Try another plumber.
Grant permission for son to pee outside.
Ignore son's Whoops of Joy.
Shut off water to house.
Break out paper plates.
Set up emergency toilet, using bucket and trash bags.  And duct tape.
Secretly believe MacGyver would be proud.
Send 8-year-old out to the garden spigot to fetch water.
Repeat as needed.
Wait near phone for 24 hours, Just In Case plumber returns call.
He won't.
Break news that son can't take Weekly Bath.
Ignore additional Whoops of Joy.
Threaten to hose off said son outside.
Consider feeling Put-out and Inconvenienced.
Remember Pioneers.
Remember Haitians.
Feel grateful for warm house and soft bed.
Give Thanks for food and family.


Dawn, said...

Beautiful perspective... I think Haiti has done that for us all recently. But nonetheless, I will keep you in our prayers that this nasty situation can be resolved for you quickly, no fun at all, accept for your son of course, snicker!

The Park Wife said...

Oh no!!!! I am sorry for you but you are right, just a minor bump in the road.

Unfortunately, I did not get an email from PW about the sushi weekend contest I entered. sad. I was really going to see if you would go as my guest. No kidding, Big Buckaroo said you have not even met her. I said, "exactly". Crazy but I thought it would have been fun. Maybe next time (I mean really, there were only 20,000 people who entered).

Good luck with your very own composting toilet.

MrsMama said...

Thanks Dawn. :)

Park Wife, I'm really, REALLY sorry you didn't win. Especially since you were going to take me! :) I have to admit I'm not a sushi fan, but if it meant hanging out with Ree and you, I would make the sacrifice.

Breathe said...

Ah. Blogs do help, don't they? I mean if you can't get a plumber, at least you can get a blog entry out of it.


I do think it was very McGyver. I'd have just issued shovels.

Anonymous said...

You're awesome ... I'll pray the plumber shows up tomorrow.

Enid said...

Girl we have a problem too, my husband decided to buy an electric snake....we had to use it once a week!!

Mama Pea said...

Oh, my sympathies! There have been many times when something difficult has happened but knowing it would make a good blog entry chirks me right up. (Does that make us weird?)

Also, it's so true that when we think of what others are dealing with, we have no big problems. (But I guarantee you'll appreciate your septic/water system when it's fixed!)

Fran said...

MacGyver would be proud! you have to love little boys, they are so easy to make happy!

ManicMama said...

You could always truck over to our house for emergency weekly bathings. :)

MrsMama said...

Breathe, thanks for popping in to comment. Yes, even the most disheartening experience has potential blogability, don't you think?

BFD, thank you!

Enid, if I get one, does that mean I have to use it? Ick.

Mama Pea, it often takes a trial to make me grateful and thankful. You'd think I'd catch on...

Fran, I think Master Munchkin thoroughly enjoyed the whole ordeal. Humph. Now if I can only get him to stop peeing off the back deck....

Thanks Rebecca, you're such a nice neighbor to offer. Things are fixed now, but I might have taken you up on it! My laundry was getting a bit desperate. So was my hair!

CountessLaurie said...

Yick. That is never fun, unless you are the ones whooping for joy!

Glad to have read that you are flush with flushing again!!