Friday, January 22, 2010

For Rebecca

Rebecca, I had fun constructing foam buildings with you and 15 glue-covered, sparkly children today.  Although, after reading this, I fear you may retract the notion that we are Kindred Spirits. :)


The Park Wife said...

You are just a PREPARED, EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT kind of girl. I would want to be with you if a bank was being robbed, you could karate chop them while I am screaming like a little girl.

ManicMama said...

Hey, I actually have those conversations in my head. I'm glad cartoon bubbles don't show in real life.

Here's a couple of things we have in common (after reading your 59 things): We both have younger sisters (mine is 9 years younger), we both had horses, got married at 21, and love books. I have a Flickr account for pictures of the robots I make, not beautiful photography, but it Flickr all the same. Also, I put my foot in my mouth ALL the time. It's part of my uncomfortable, anti-social behavior.

Plus, we live close to each other. We'll just have to get together one of these days (without the foam houses) and talk books . . . if we become social enough for that.

Anonymous said...

I'm so unprepared. I need to learn how to use my body as a weapon... oh wait. Well, effeciently! ;D

Alisa said...

That is great! I think The Boy does this sort of thing all the time.
Or he just likes to fight invisible Ninjas in Home Depot.

idreamicanfly said...

OMG, brilliant. How Krav is that?