Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inside My Head

Master Munchkin brought our little Flip mini video camera to Fight Class last night and caught some footage. Happily it ran out of space before I had to spar the big guy in the back. That was not pretty!

After watching myself on camera, I have to admit: I look much cooler inside my head. :)


Alisa said...

I'm scared of you.
Wait, have we had this conversation before?
I love my Flip. It is by far my favorite toy. It is in my purse always.

MrsMama said...


Don't be scared of me. Be scared of everyone in class who beats me up. That would be..... pretty much everyone.

I think Master Munchkin was going for the Blair Witch method of shooting. He did it very well.

April said...

I like the fist bumps at the end of the fights. Next time we need to see some blood.

Camie | Red Gate Gardens said...

I'm just gonna say it again - I don't EVER want to meet you in a dark alley.

PS: I'm thinking you look pretty darn cool...

TheSmithZoo said...

When I watched this I thought of the song "The Boxer" by Carbon Leaf.