Friday, September 25, 2009

Sicko Spins and Hooks

Even though I was feeling under the weather, I decided to go ahead and try to test for my red belt last night. On the way to class I took a couple of Tylenol and washed them down with a Starbuck's Doubleshot. If they kicked in, I might just have a chance.

Our Instructor on Thursday nights is quite fond of Ladders. Not the kind you climb, the kind where you run lines. These are also called "Suicides". I think they are aptly named. Thankfully, we skipped the Suicides last night and warmed up with jogging. I can jog very slowly. I am very good at jogging slowly. Slow jogging is very good. They should call it "slogging".

For our test we had to escape three different ways from a side headlock on the ground. I showed you one here, remember? Then we performed our new kicks, which included a lot of "hook" kicks, which I am not very good at. Especially when I am susposed to spin, jump and throw a hook kick at the same time. Miss Munchkin is really good at these. I'm equally proud and insanely jealous. Then we moved on to kickboxing combinations, which involved a lot of elbows, knees and a good amount of clenching. Once Miss Munchkin caught me in the nose and it HURT. I know, I know, turnabout is fair play but still! We ended with a drill, one designed to push us physically. At the end I was barely standing and trying quite earnestly to catch my breath. It's hard enough for me when I'm well, at this point I was wishing I had waited to test. But it was over and I passed. Out. Not really, not the "out" part. But I did pass. So did the Munchkins.

We start learning new material next week. Can't wait!


A Day That is Dessert said...

Congrats on passing - sounds intense!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Passing and not passing out! I can't imagine testing while sick.

I always thought suicides were a special form of torture. Suitable only for Gitmo and high school sports. : )


Mama Pea said...

Congratulations! You should feel very proud knowing you can pass a rigorous challenge like that when you're feeling crummy. There should be no stopping you when you feel good!

I sincerely applaud you for participating in these classes. (And really, really good knowledge and techniques for Miss Munchkin to have! Besides, she'll remember these classes with you for the rest of her life.)

MrsMama said...

Thank you everyone. You guys are my favorite cheerleaders. :)

PrairieT, I'm happy someone else hates them too. Ugh!

Mama Pea, I am thrilled that MM is learning this stuff now and will have some great self-defense skills for the rest of her life. And she does seem to enjoy taking the class with me, especially when she gets throw me over her shoulder. ;) Ah, what a treasured time we have together. :)

Alisa said...

Wohoo! Congratulations! Especially for being sick.
I hope you are very proud of yourself (and your kiddos) for just doing this, much less doing it well.
You all rock.

idreamicanfly said...


Anonymous said...

You DID IT!!! Way to go. Wow!

April said...

Get some rest now, you've won one battle.